9 Quick Tips About Email Advertising and Marketing Campaigns

Nearly 50 years ago, the first marketing email ever was sent out by Gary Thuerk. It reached 400 customers and generated sales of $13 million! This successful marketing move caught on, and today, email marketing is still going strong. 

In the 90s, the medium picked up momentum among marketers, so much so that that regulations were set in place to protect consumers from unwanted spam. This paved the way for the new environment of email marketing -- consumer discretion.

In order to have a successful email marketing campaign, you have to keep your customers engaged. Otherwise, they can easily (and legally) unsubscribe. The main reason people unsubscribe is because they get too many emails.

That makes your goal to be one of the emails that your customers WANT to receive. And it turns out that 91% of subscribers do want to hear from companies -- just not too often.

In a world currently focused on social media, it’s easy to overlook email. But don’t make this mistake -- email marketing maintains the top ROI of 3800%. For this reason, it’s worth crafting an outstanding email campaign.

Here are our quick tips to make your email marketing campaign stand out among the crowd and keep recipients subscribed!

 Tip 1: Personalize emails so your customer feels like an individual 

No one wants to feel like a faceless name on a list. Remember -- your readers’ are choosing to receive your emails, so show them a little customized love. Use their name and write in a friendly tone.

Simply addressing an email to a name, rather than “Dear Customer,” can improve your open rate by 17%. You can easily set up personalized emails with the various automation programs out there (Constant Contact, MailChimp, and Drip are just a few to check out).


 Tip 2: Segment your emails 

These programs can also provide you with invaluable information on how to segment your emails. Some customers open every email and some have yet to even open one… the engagement of your various readers’ is important. Tailor content so each customer is on a personal journey with your company.

Segmented emails garner 14% higher open rates than non-segmented emails. More notably, their click rate is 100% higher! For example, repeat customers and customers who haven’t purchased yet require different marketing strategies. 

Segmented emails make up 58% of all email marketing revenues, so segment away…!

 Tip 3: Send emails from a real person 

Along the same lines as Tip 1, hearing from a real person catches readers attention a lot more than hearing from a company. We are bombarded by companies and ads all day. It’s easy to just tune them all out. However, we take note when real people reach out.

Address your email from someone in your company, followed by the company name. This person-to-person connection will break through the clutter of spam emails.

 Tip 4: Email new subscribers quickly 

Sending a welcome email to every new subscriber is a great way to establish your new relationship with them. Doing so within a day is also important to reach them while you are fresh in their minds.

Welcome emails have been seen to create 320% more revenue per email relative to regular emails. Even more reason to jump on this opportunity.


 Tip 5: Be weary of overkill 

Very few customers want to receive promotional emails all the time. Recall that this is the main reason they’ll start looking for the “unsubscribe” button! For this reason, it’s worthwhile to give customers a personalized option for how often they’d like to hear from you, ranging from daily to once a month.

86% of customers only want emails on a monthly basis, so respect that. The space you give them is just as valuable as the emails you send. It’s a delicate dance, and optimizing it will reap the most rewards.

Another tip -- apparently Tuesdays are the best day to click send!

 Tip 6: Optimize your emails for mobile 

According to Litmus55% of company-sent emails are opened from a mobile device. That means it’s imperative for your emails to be optimized for mobile.

You don’t want the reason a recipient ignores your message to be poor mobile optimization. For more reasons to consider mobile optimization, read our article: 7 Reasons Why Sites Need to be Optimized for Mobile Users

 Tip 7: Make the value of your emails obvious 

Marketing email open rates average to around 20%. To encourage customers to actually open your email, be clear in your subject line. Say something action-oriented and valuable that will make them want to click. Just make sure you keep within 50 characters.


 Tip 8: Have one clear CTA per email 

Most recipients, if they open your email, will quickly skim over your text. Emails are not everyone’s favorite pastime. With that in mind, you want your call-to-action to be immediately findable and clearly stated.

Streamline your emails to only include one CTA per email. This improves your odds of capitalizing on each CTA to their maximum potential!

 Tip 9: Use A/B testing to optimize campaigns 

A/B testing is sending out two versions of a campaign and comparing the results. This informs you on how to better construct future campaigns, and which of the two campaigns to further promote. This is also a way you can understand your specific recipient base a little better.

Use your metric programs to assess each campaign's success. Once you start analyzing what works, you will be able to evolve your campaigns to your audience’s preferences and further increase your ROI.

To sum it up, email marketing is an extremely useful tool and a necessary ingredient in your overall marketing strategy. Capture your recipients’ attention and affection by listening to their needs and preferences. Build a positive relationship with them. In turn, your open rates and conversions will increase, as well as your company's reputation.

Want some examples of what a successful email campaigns look like? 

 Check out 15 Ways Content Marketing Creates Lead Generation! 



My name is Carolyn. I am from Orange County, California. I am currently a senior at University Of San Diego pursuing a degree in marketing. I love reading, music, traveling, and finding new vegan resturaunts. IG:@carolynking_

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