How Inbound Digital Marketing Saved A Dental Office From Closing!


-Increase in ROI


 -Incoming Patient Prospects/ Day 


-Appointment Show Up Rate


The office manager for a dental office located north of Los Angeles, California was tasked with hiring an entirely new front office staff, new technicians, a dentist and deploy a new marketing program. At that time they only had enough work to justify being opened three days per week. The office was operating in the red so finances were tight.

"The dental office was bleeding money and operating in the red"

With a small budget in mind, Vital Digital suggested her office start with social media ad campaigns designed to re-brand the office and bring in new patients. An ad campaign was generated and centered around dental implants, braces and teeth cleaning to advertise via Facebook. Special pricing and financing were highlighted in the ads as an enticement to click through and learn more. 

"Social media is ideal for targeting a specific audience and affords a relatively low cost-per-click amount"

In addition, Vital Digital created and managed Facebook business pages to grow an audience of followers. In the future, this audience would be marketed to for new campaigns and different types of treatments.


After an analysis of the demographics of their potential customer base (within a 20-mile radius of the office), it was determined that a large number of their potential patients were Spanish speakers. Spanish-language ads were launched. Immediately the number of leads jump by a factor of three.

With new leads coming in, Vital Digital assisted with techniques the office staff could use to call and qualify potential customers. The number of patients showing up for their appointments jumped dramatically from 25% "up" rate to 60%.

"By the fourth month of the campaign, it was decided by the owners to move forward with the purchase of a second dental office 20 miles away"

"With a minimal budget of 2% per month ad-buys, the office began receiving leads"

"Chairs were filling up fast"

As a result of the Facebook ads over a three month period, the schedule and treatment book quickly filled with up to 20 incoming patient prospect leads per day and 10 to 15 incoming phone calls. Eventually, the office was able to open their doors four days per week, then five and finally, six days per week. A second and third dentist were hired to handle the number of new patient prospects.

They had this purchase under consideration for some time but after the Vital Digital marketing success, they decided to move forward. Vital Digital is currently deploying the same type of campaigns and customizing for a new audience.

Return on Investment
After an analysis of the budget spent on the social media campaigns, the office was receiving $27 for every dollar they spend on ad-buys - a 270% increase in ROI. We expect even better results as new patient treatment campaigns are rolled out and localization and targeting are further refined.